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Mila Bogen

Being Vegetarian - the Healthy, Balanced and Delicious Way
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 from Mila Bogen

Mila Bogen is a certified vegan and vegetarian nutritional consultant, practitioner and teacher, and has been passionate about healthy foods and optimal nutrition all her life. Having grown up in a situation that offered an abundance of fresh organic foods, she found a marked difference in her health, physique and energy levels when studies and professional career took her to the all-too-familiar world of quick-meals, processed snacks and chain restaurants. 

Since then, healthy nutrition and finding better ways to retain youthful energy, vitality and health became her passion. 

In the last 20 years she experimented and worked with vegetarian, vegan and raw diets, and came up with her own unique approach that is a winning combination of all three. Mila's enjoyable and easy-to-follow recipes are brimming with vital nutrients our bodies starve for.

Mila views food as medicine, and her knowledge ranges from common to wild foods and herbs, as well as vitamins and minerals. She has a large garden and promotes natural and organic ways. 

Mila holds an S.A.C Certification in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition.