Gillian Thetford’s lucid dreaming adventure began in March of 2016 when she had a spontaneous lucid dream that was so vivid and powerful that when she awoke, she decided to learn everything she could about the lucid state. After reading the scientific research and personal accounts of l ucid dreaming as a treatment for Anxiety disorders, she focused her lucid dreaming practice on her own healing from panic attacks. She felt firsthand the powerful healing one can achieve by working with the lucid state, and she has since focused her lucid dreams on all aspects of psychological and emotional growth.

She is a graduate of The Evergreen State College where she majored in Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness Studies. For her undergraduate culminating project, she designed and taught a series of beginning lucid dreaming workshops and spoke at the Unity Church of Olympia about lucid dreaming’s potential for personal and spiritual development.

She has experienced over 100 lucid dreams and dedicates her time to educating others about how they can benefit from this incredibly deep state of conscious awareness.