Dr. Amit Goswami

Comments from Workshop Participants:

"Wonderful course! I feel I have learned a lot and that I will be able to use it to my advantage. I feel a lot more clarity about my spiritual quest now". — Julie, U.K.

"In this Workshop a wonderful scientific approach of the journey to enlightenment is offered. The teachings are very clear and understandable (also for me as a non - scientist) and I enjoyed very much having got explained meditation states and methods in scientific language". — Gabriele, Austria

"I am very grateful to Dr. Goswami and Glidewing Productions for making this workshop possible. I greatly enjoyed each presentation and value the material that was provided. I learned so much that brings a better clarity of knowing. It has been meaningful to me. There have many thoughts presented that have created a contemplative state within me which I highly value. The world view is one of the highest order of which I know is possible. In gratitude". — Mary, U.S.

"It was the most interesting training I ever attended! - the format - e-learning - is wonderful (I did not had the cost of transportation or hotel, I did not had to take days off at work and .... very important: I was able to rewind again and again and again and ...., ) - the content was !extremely! interesting" — Dominique, Belgium

"This workshop has provided a complete understanding about enlightenment. The staff at Glidewing are professional, pleasant and prompt to take care of any questions or technical issues you have. I have enjoyed my time with Glidewing and I will surely come back again". — Carol, U.S.

"I enjoyed Dr. Goswami´s teachings, the clarity and generosity with which he lectures". — Carolina, Argentina

"The course content is precise.., well focused and easy to follow & practice". — Chowdappa, India

"This was an amazing learning modality! I cannot express my joy and appreciation enough. The videos, forums, MP3's and community have been life-altering". — Hathi, U.S.

"I really appreciated this format, so that I can return to the classes to examine details I may have overlooked. I loved the connectivity of the forum as well". — Suzanne, U.S.

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Living Quantum Spirituality

The Journey to Quantum Enlightenment

August 25 - September 23, 2018

With Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Workshop registration: $195.00

“All the world of experience, including matter, is the material manifestation of transcendent forms of consciousness.”
― Amit Goswami, Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation, and Immortality

What is your vision of enlightenment?

Many people feel it comes as a moment in which you see oneness in everything. Enlightenment may be waking up to that reality of oneness.

Spiritual Traditions and Science, long at odds, are moving towards a new paradigm of understanding the universe that we are an integral part of. Quantum Physics in particular, is helping us discover that all things are truly connected in fundamental ways. Understanding this connectedness can have a profound effect on our lives and how we relate to the world and to each other.

In this four-week online workshop, Dr. Goswami explores the lessons and paradoxes presented by this new paradigm and leads guided meditations, practices and exercises to give us a new perspective, "a new context for living".

Our purpose here is not only to learn the quantum worldview and its principles and practices but also to understand ourselves more. In fact, ultimately, we will hope to realize the nature of our selves and live it.

Throughout the entire workshop Dr. Goswami will be there to support you, provide personal advice and answer your questions through our workshop forums and private messaging system.


Workshop Features:

  • Four-week Intensive Online Workshop
  • Practical Instruction presented with streaming video - no set class times
  • View presentations as often as necessary
  • Easy-to-use course website
  • Personal support and guidance from Amit Goswami
  • Downloadable guided audio exercises for your practice
  • Learn and practice from the comfort of your own home

Time-Zone Friendly: There are no set class times. Participants from all over the world can attend. Audio/Visual material is pre-recorded and streamed. You can replay the workshop instructional sessions as often as you need for the duration of the workshop.

System Requirements: Broadband Internet access is essential due to the streamed video content. We recommend the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers for use with our course web sites. GlideWing Workshop Videos are compatible with all desktop, notebook and mobile devices including Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.

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If a participant has epilepsy, clinical depression or psychosis of any kind then he/she must first consult a doctor before practicing the meditation and breathing techniques presented in this course.