Carol A. Joyce is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Monroe Institute Residential and Outreach Facilitator, life coach, board-certified clinical hypnotherapist, lecturer, Author of How To Meditate Like a Zen Master in Minutes (available in audio or paperback on Amazon and Skillbites) and published researcher in The Journal of Music Therapy (2004) Mozart versus New Age Music Effects on Relaxation States, C.A. Joyce MA.

Her wide-ranging studies, training, and research in the field of psychology, consciousness exploration, and the mysteries of the subconscious mind have gained Carol the reputation as a powerful trainer and catalyst for deeply desired personal growth and change.

Carol is a graduate of DePaul University (Bachelor of Science in Commerce/Marketing), Roosevelt University (MA in Clinical Professional Psychology), certified by the Wellness Institute (Heart-centered Clinical Hypnotherapy), Alumni of The Coaches Training Institute, and is an accredited Residential and Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute® (TMI).