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Books by Joel Fotinos

from Think and Grow Rich:

We all have the power:

“Man may become the master of himself, and of his environment, because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind, and through it, gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.”

This method can work for you:

“The method of attracting money described here does not depend upon the law of averages. Morever, the method plays no favorites. It will work for one person as effectively as it will for another.”

Everything is possible:

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”

Which do you choose?:

“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.”

Learn how to live your desires:

“I wish to convey the thought that all achievement, no matter what may be its nature, or its purpose, must begin with an intense, burning desire for something definite.”

Believe that it’s your time NOW:

“There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it.”

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Napolean Hill's Think and Grow Rich:
13 Practical Steps to Success in any Endeavor

May 16 - June 7, 2020

Three-week online workshop includes seven downloadable Hemi-Sync® exercises.

Workshop registration: US$ 325.00

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"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat."
- Napoleon Hill

Have you yearned for the life you were destined to live, a life beyond mediocrity or the status quo? And suspected that you were meant to pursue your dreams and feel supported by Life Itself? And that realizing your dreams would help you to help not only yourself... but also help the world?


This online course is based on Napoleon Hill’s classic work, Think and Grow Rich, the best-selling philosophy for success of all time and still the #1 book on personal development ever written. Think and Grow Rich is a manifesto for living the life you were born for – and a blueprint for success of all kinds, including financial, professional, personal, physical, and spiritual. Originally published in 1937, Think and Grow Rich has gone on to sell tens of millions of copies, and transformed the fortunes – and dreams – of many of the most successful people, from all walks of life, in the last 80 years. The 13 Steps to Riches contained in the philosophy create a roadmap to success that has proven to work for countless entrepreneurs, students, CEO’s, and anyone who wants to discover the extraordinary program to achieve their own personal goals.


This three-week online workshop with master teacher Joel Fotinos is your personal course for understanding and using the transformative Think and Grow Rich philosophy. Designed to not only explain the principles but also show how they can be used in modern-day life, this workshop is inspiring, exciting, active, and practical.

This course includes:

  • A thorough, basic understanding of the 13 Steps to Riches from the most widely-read success philosophy ever written
  • Exciting lectures from Joel Fotinos, including inspirational stories from his life and those who have been positively influenced by Think and Grow Rich
  • Simple ways to apply the ideas to your everyday modern life goals – whether they be spiritual, financial, professional... or nearly anything else
  • Instructions in forming a powerful Master Mind Group or Partnership
  • The secret of the Imaginary Council, that you can use anytime, anywhere to gain wisdom and insight
  • Discovering how “Sitting For Ideas” can unlock life-changing creative solutions, projects, and endeavors
  • The most powerful quotes from Think and Grow Rich available in a handy pdf
  • Short and easy experiential videos including illuminating meditations and practical self-analysis exercises
  • And so much more...!


Author, businessman, and teacher Joel Fotinos is the perfect guide in this inspirational journey. At one point in his life, he had huge credit card debt, was in a difficult job, and struggled with the guilt and depression of extreme debt. Once he began his own journey from “rags to riches” – of which Think and Grow Rich has been a cornerstone – he began teaching others the principles so they could experience their own transformation. Now, having taught thousands of people the principles over the last decade, he can show you how you can follow your own North Star to the life of your dreams.

“As I learned and began using the Think and Grow Rich philosophy in my own life, I was haunted by one very important question: if these principles work for some people, why don’t they work for others? That question fueled my own journey, and also helped me to decode the philosophy for a wide range of people. I was determined that the principles would work for me. The more I lived these principles and taught them to others, the more I realized how brilliant and powerful they are.” – Joel Fotinos

From learning how to get started to using the practical tools that cause powerful change, this course is user-friendly.


You are beginning a new adventure in your life's journey. This journey is both new and old, ancient and modern. We are walking the paths discovered by mystics and visionairies before us, but we are walking it in our own, new way. We can gain wisdom from those who have gone before, but we must experience it for ourselves.

LIVING PROSPERITY: Think & Grow Rich as a Spiritual Practice is designed to bring the best teachings from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill alongside the teachings of spiritual masters and mystics.

Think and Grow Rich is, on the surface, a best-selling book about creating more financial wealth in our lives. But a deeper reading of the book shows that not one of the “13 Steps to Riches” actually mentions money, and that these thirteen steps can actually be used to create anything we desire. In fact, as you read through Think and Grow Rich you’ll notice that most of the examples in the book are about people who didn’t just create money, they created their passion, their dream jobs, love, art, and even created a path that enabled the author’s deaf son to hear. Napoleon Hill didn’t create these thirteen steps, he merely discovered them, and then put them together in an organized way that would help people have a structure to move forward.

But why add spiritual principles to the famous Think and Grow Rich philosophy?

Because merely using these principles to create more money or “things” keeps us in the world of effects. When we add spiritual truths to these principles, we move out of the material-only realm, and into our true selves, that deepest part of ourselves. We can move out of our “ego” and let these thirteen brilliant principles serve to create who we were truly born to be — and that person isn’t about how rich you are, how many cars or homes you own. You were born with a vision, and where there is a vision, there is Life’s provision. This course will help you to discover your Ideal Vision, then move you into action to support that Ideal Vision, and in the meantime create ways to allow Life to offer It’s support as well. We are co-Creators with Life, and think of this course as the instruction manual.

Enjoy this course, allow yourself to engage fully in it, doing every exercise, read every page assigned, and give as much as you can from your heart. See how much you can grow in these three weeks — make it your adventure, decide that you are going to learn, and then remember that decision each and every day.

This is YOUR LIFE, and you are worth the effort!

During the three weeks of the workshop, Joel Fotinos will be there to support you, providing personal advice and answering your questions through our workshop forums and private messaging system.


Workshop Features:

  • Three-week, teacher-guided online workshop
  • Step-by-step class video instructions (via streaming video)
  • New material released twice a week
  • Six hours of video instruction, practice exercises, and meditations
  • No set class times - review video instruction any time and as often as necessary throughout the workshop
  • Seven downloadable guided meditations and exercises featuring the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology
  • Continuous personal support and individual advice from Joel Fotinos via workshop forums and messenger
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