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Secrets of Time, Money, Dreaming and Enlightenment

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Finding Stillness and Ease in a World Gone Mad

A Six-Week Hemi-Sync online workshop, with 15 downloadable guided meditations and exercises featuring the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, along with personal support and guidance provided by Paul Rademacher.

October 28 - November 19, 2023 Workshop registration: $249.00

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Time, Money, Dreaming and Enlightenment

Those who are drawn to the inner life often feel an unbearable tension between attending to material needs and exploration of the numinous. There is a way beyond this impasse. That way begins in the Heart – a path to revolutionary insights into the hidden natures of Time, Money, Dreaming, and Enlightenment.

Join us online for a six-week course featuring 15 guided meditations and exercises featuring the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, along with personal support and guidance provided by Paul Rademacher.

In our society, there is enormous pressure to choose material existence at the expense of the inner quest. We are told that Time IS Money and to waste time on nonmaterial pursuits, such as Dreaming or Enlightenment, is a frivolous indulgence. Ironically, our unquestioning acceptance of that cliché leads to rejection of powerful and creative resources – the very tools necessary for navigating an otherwise uncertain physical world. It is the Heart that is able to lead the way while bridging the gap between our inner and outer lives.

In this course, we will find that from the Heart’s perspective, Time, Money, Dreaming, and Enlightenment form a mutually reinforcing whole rather than being fractured and competing concerns. Together, they are a transformative matrix that leads to an utterly new sense of being. This is the transition from Narrative Self to Witness - the process of opening to awe in everyday life while also accessing crucial resources for meeting the demands of our material being.

This workshop is not about Manifestation, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, or The Prosperity Gospel. Neither is this about dream interpretation or tips for living. Rather, it is a stunning glimpse into the next stage of human evolution that will turn everything you think you know on its Heart.

During this six-week course we will explore:

  • Your Heart’s unique perceptual and relational capacities
  • Releasing personal stories that lock your Narrative Self into an artificial and overwhelming role
  • Learning how to develop Twilight Awareness to set up and explore your dream world
  • Linking conscious and unconscious experience through your dreams
  • The unique language of the Heart and its genius for integration
  • Enlightenment as inner silence and radical trust
  • Why we can no longer look to the past to guide us
  • The Bi-directional nature of Time
  • Sensing the Future and forming a love relationship with it
  • How to move from anxiety about Time to the brilliance of Timing
  • From Narrative Self to Witness: Releasing your need to control
  • The relationship between Dreaming and Money
  • Connecting with your Future Self
  • Exploring your Radiant Essence that lives outside of Time and space
  • Money and Maslow’s Hierarchy – A new basis for money
  • From fear and greed to communion with the world
  • Becoming a vehicle for the expression of the universe

Each of the six sessions in this course will end with a meditation or technique to help you enhance your journey of consciousness, featuring the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology, along with suggested practices intended for you to incorporate the material into your daily life.

With personal guidance and support provided by Paul Rademacher, former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute, for the duration of the course.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER The intention of this workshop, and its teachers and producers, is only to offer information of a general and educational nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The teachings and exercises presented in the workshop do not represent medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a substitute or replacement for seeking professional care or treatment for physical, psychological/emotional, or medical problems you may be experiencing.

If you have any specific questions about any medical or psychological matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you think you may be suffering from a medical or psychological condition you should seek immediate medical attention. You should never delay seeking professional medical/psychological advice, disregard such advice, or discontinue medical/psychological treatment because of information provided in the workshop or on our related web site. In the event you use any of the information in this course for yourself or others, the course teachers and producers assume no responsibility for your actions.

DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity. If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® without first consulting your physician. In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.



  • Welcome and Introduction
  • About This Course
  • What You Will Need
  • The Way of Hemi-Sync®: An Introduction to the Hemi-Sync Audio Guidance Technology

Session One: Relaxing Into the Heart

  • Affirmation and Relaxation
  • Guided Meditation: Relaxation
  • Introduction to The Conscious Heart
  • Guided Meditation: Breathing Into the Heart
  • Perceiving the World through the Heart
  • Practice Suggestions

Session Two: Twilight Awareness and Dreaming

  • Qualities of the Heart: Relationships
  • Guided Meditation: Expanding Your Heart
  • Twilight Awareness: The Rationale
  • Twilight Awareness: Setting Up the Practice
  • Guided Meditation: Evening Practice
  • Becoming a Student of the Dream
  • Guided Meditation: Working With Your Dreams
  • Practice Suggestions
  • Hemi-Sync® Practice Support: Your Heart's Song

Session Three: Beyond the Narrative Self

  • Beyond the Narrative Self
  • Forming a Relationship with Dream Figures
  • The Language of the Heart
  • Guided Meditation: The Experience of Silence
  • Practice Suggestions
  • Hemi-Sync® Practice Support: The Shaman's Heart

Session Four: Time

  • The Bi-Directional Nature of Time
  • How We Sense the Future
  • Guided Meditation: Connecting With Your Future Self
  • Near Death Experience and Your Radiant Essence
  • Guided Meditation: Connecting With Your Radiant Essence

Session Five: Money

  • Our Relationship with Money
  • Connecting to the All
  • Guided Meditation: Communion With the World
  • Maslow's Hierarchy
  • Guided Meditation: Sacred Money Laundering

Session Six: Enlightenment

  • Creating From the Heart
  • Guided Meditation: Creating From the Heart
  • Releasing Agency: The Narrative Self as Witness
  • Guided Meditation: Communion as a Felt Sense
  • From Singing to Being Sung
  • Suggestions For Your Journey
  • Hemi-Sync® Practice Support: Your Heart's Song

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