Robert Bruce

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Comments from Workshop Participants

“I first became aware of Robert Bruce in 1995. I was in college and obsessed with OBEs. I had read everything in English that I could find on the subject. When I read his "Treatise on Astral Projection" I realized Robert was light years ahead of everyone else in the field. Today, in 2016, my opinion is completely unchanged. There is no room for improvement in this course because there is no better teacher for this subject. Who else gets people out of their bodies in six weeks on a repeated basis???" — Karl, U.S.

“This has been one of the most important things I have done in my life. It has set a completely new way of living for me. I gained so much more from this course than I have ever hoped for." — Karim, UAE

"Robert Bruce is an exceptional teacher and guide. I enjoyed learning about the magical practice of astral projection from such invaluable source of profound knowledge and experience. I had experiences where I had astral exit symptoms and even precognitive visions... I learned so much in such a short period of time and I appreciate the extensions and speedy responses by the kind and always helpful instructors. Thank you so much!" — Mashal, U.S.

"The course was absolutely wonderful. It expanded my spiritual practice and gave me some incredible insights and tools. While I didn't achieve a full OBE during the course but I did experience a very intense partial projection which had a profound effect on my belief system. I have also experienced healing, clearing and an increase in my psychic abilities.. It is my intention to continue with the work. It really is life changing. Thank you so much!!" — Barbara, U.S.

"I've read many books on the subject of astral projection in my life, but never had such a practical, workable course as this. When I was young I used to have spontaneous OBE's, but haven't had one in years before I took this course. Two weeks into the course I had my first lucid dream and a fully conscious OBE exit. Had a half dozen fully conscious OBE exits during the five week course. Went over the material with my fourteen year old son, and he was able to have about a half dozen OBE's as well. Tactile body awareness imaging coupled with the hemisync CDs is probably the easiest way to learn astral projection and far surpasses the old methods. Also, access to the course facilitators was invaluable. One of the few courses where you can have daily feedback from the authors of this course content". — HR, U.S.

"I learned a lot, the support was great, and the material very well laid out. I have been trying to have an OBE for a while and every time I get closer, and I can say that the detailed information IN this course enabled me to overcome the biggest of my issues witch was fear of unknown". — Amir, Canada

"This is what I call true facilitation: mental and emotional support combined with effective practices. These concepts can be applied by people of every culture and religion. I feel like I really have acquired tools to grow and look forward to gaining competence by using them". — Theresa, Germany

"This is the most remarkable workshop I have ever taken. It covers advanced spiritual topics stripped of religious trappings and to a greater depth and clarity than I have ever experienced before. Robert is a gifted practitioner and teacher. I has been my privilege to have taken this workshop". — Maria, U.S.

"I like the idea of a flexible online workshop over 5 weeks, because I have not to travel.. It was an excellent workshop where I have learned a lot". — Hermann, Australia

"I thought this course would only be about OBE's. I did not know we would learn relaxation, meditation, energy work, lucid dreaming, OBE's, chakra stimulation, etc etc. There was so much valuable information that was covered in that intense 5 week course. The techniques presented I will be using for the rest of my life". — LC, U.S.

"Initially I was apprehensive about learning online, now I prefer it to attending a conference or structured event. The Video clips are short and to the point, making the format conducive to learning. The facilitators are attentive and answered my questions in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the entire program. Again thanks". — Pamela, U.S.

"After reading about OOBEs since 2005 and even going twice for workshops in person, I must testify to the effectiveness and overall excellence of this online program. For the first time I have had an OOBE. The learning process, in real time and in all the necessities of livingness, brings up all the issues each participant requires for actual spiritual progress. And that is more than miraculous-it is real progress on the ground of everyday life". — Ruth, U.S.

Workshop Information

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The Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive

Our Energy Body and the Out of Body Experience

Open Enrollment (A Self-Guided Course)

The Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body series of audio exercises is included in this workshop as digital downloads (a $78 retail value).

Workshop registration: $349.00

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Develop your subtle energy body, and expand your awareness of the greater reality that surrounds us all

The Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive is a five-week online workshop featuring an exploration of the Energy Body and the Out of Body Experience. The workshop integrates highly effective methods for developing the energy body and for exploring the phenomenon of the out-of-body experience, including the extensive use of the Hemi-Sync® Audio Guidance technology. Instruction is presented using streaming video, and has a practical, hands-on focus. An extraordinary opportunity!

The goal of the online Astral Dynamics Practical Intensive is to help participants develop a solid foundation for working with the energy body, altered states of consciousness, and to achieve conscious out-of-body experiences. Our approach is to provide you with tools you can use to have first-hand experiences and to make your own deductions and conclusions about the nature of reality.

This course merges two different but complimentary approaches to altered states and OBE work. Robert Bruce’s energy work and OBE exit and re-entry methods are combined with and supported by advanced Hemi-Sync® exercises, specifically for the purpose of inducing altered states of consciousness conducive to Out-of-Body Experiences. The combination of these two powerful approaches creates dynamic opportunities for personally exploring your energy body and the greater reality through energy work, deep meditative states and the phenomenon also know as astral projection.

We have streamlined the course material to focus on practical essentials; the most important part of this course lies in doing the practices taught in each Session. The Journeys Out Of The Body Hemi-Sync® CD Series, used extensively throughout the Workshop, is included and can be downloaded and kept for your ongoing practice after the workshop has concluded.


In this workshop:

  • Stimulate and develop your energy body
  • Learn critical skills for achieving an OBE
  • Remove energy blocks and restore the flow of vital energy
  • Ask questions, solve problems, share your experiences
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Further your spiritual growth

Workshop Features:

  • Five-week Intensive Online Workshop
  • Practical Instruction presented with streaming video - no set class times
  • Downloadable Hemi-Sync® exercises to support your practice
  • View presentations as often as necessary
  • Easy-to-use course website
  • Learn and practice from the comfort of your own home

The included Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body CD series is used extensively throughout the workshop, and the Hemi-Sync exercises can be downloaded and kept for your practice after the workshop has concluded.

Other Course Material: The new Astral Dynamics eBook, which has been updated with full-color illustrations, is provided free with this workshop.