Stephan A. Schwartz

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Feedback for this Program

"Thanks so much for putting into words "Universal Laws" and how we individually and as a Collective can be "Agents of Change" through our intention, trust, and aligning to our own Divine Presence through Meditation, so we can embody our virtues and common goal. Bless you "

"Thank you Stephan for all the work you have done in the science of nonlocalized consciousness. As a long time practitioner of nonlocalized focused awareness, I gained some additional clarity from your indepth analysis of the data you have compiled over the years of your research."

"Oh my goodness, what a find. Timing, purpose and place are essential to "gathering" to begin, in my humble opinion. SO MANY THANK YOUS for all you have, and are, doing."

"Absolutely excellent. Thank-you, Stephan."

"I was impressed with the material in Stephan's book. If you afford yourself the time to listen, you will be that much richer. Enjoy."


"I greatly value your work having lived it by natural instincts, values, consciousness and open mindedness. Your work inspires me today as back when I started in 1990, traditional thinkers and business models were all people cared about. It's nice to know there are more out there that get it. Thanks. "


"This was the perfect thing for me presently. It gives me hope and inspiration."

"Important. Thank you Stephan."

"You and your life researches are amazing. Thank you!"

How to Become an Effective Agent of Change

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Promoting Wellbeing in Your Life and in the World

April 20 - May 5, 2024

With personal support and guidance from Stephan A. Schwartz

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The Power of Individual Choice

Throughout human history there have been basically three ways to create social transformation. One, the advancement of technology and science that, in turn, serves the other two. Second is change compelled by physical power. It is almost always coercive and often violent. And it is a zero sum game. One side is forced to submit.

The third avenue of change is one brought about by something so subtle it is often not taken seriously: Small individual choices, and the power they have to create change in oneself is a fundamental alteration in what I call “beingness.”

As I have lived my own social transition experiences I have closely watched what worked and what failed, trying to see the patterns, to learn the laws and dynamics that made the often seemingly impossible goals — first articulated by only a handful of people — a reality. A sense of the process began to emerge. I could see the same patterns playing out again and again. Successful nonviolent life-affirming social transformations share certain characteristics, and they are learnable.

I have tried to do three things in this workshop. First, to bring into focus how successful enduring change begins with individuals and goes through a process of reaching a critical consensus. Second, to present you with real-world examples, illustrating how these techniques are used to achieve social transition that is compassionate and life affirming. And third, to highlight the social and neuroscience research that underpins why the process works.

This, then, is a practical guide showing how people who did not hold official positions, have great power as the world calculates such things, nor notable wealth changed the world in compassionate and life-affirming ways, and how you can too.
Stephan A. Schwartz


Positive, life-affirming "beingness" is the core of a social transformation strategy based on nonviolence. Beingness is both a personal and a social quality. An individual makes quotidian choices that create the character of one’s beingness

The transformational power of beingness begins with an individual’s choices. But when that individual beingness is a peculiarly sensitive resonator, social change occurs, whether for good or ill.

As anthropologist Margaret Mead so famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Ultimately it gets down to individual choice. Everything starts with one person holding an intention and making decisions expressing that intention. As that person’s beingness changes, as a consequence even the most unlikely person can become enormously powerful. This process constitutes one of the least understood social forces in our world.

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