Ageless, Timeless: Creating an Ageless You

Workshop Syllabus


  • Hello and Welcome
  • The Structure of the Workshop
  • Journaling
  • An Introduction to Hemi-Sync®

Session One: The Real You

  • Defining Self
  • A New Paradigm for Aging
  • The Role of Emotions
  • The Go To List
  • Introduction to the Exercises
  • The Gratitude Experience (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Shine (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Recommended Practice

Session Two: Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

  • What Are Beliefs?
  • Choosing Your Beliefs
  • Harnessing Your Thoughts
  • Introduction to the Exercise
  • Clear and Balanced (Downloadable Audio File)

Session Three: Afirmations and Visualization

  • The Power of Intention and Imagination
  • Using Affirmation Techniques
  • Visualization
  • Introduction to the Exercises
  • Reconditioning (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Rejuvenation (Downloadable Audio File)

Session Four: The Physical Tools

  • Nutrition and Supplements
  • Stretching, Exercise and Movement
  • Rejuvenation Through Deep Rest
  • De-Stressing
  • Energy Exercises
  • Introduction to the Exercises
  • Lightbody (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Sleeping Through the Rain (Downloadable Audio File)

Session Five: Setting Achievable Goals

  • Three Things You Can Do
  • Creating a 30-Day Plan
  • Recommended Practices
  • Introduction to the Manifesting Through Patterning Exercise
  • Manifesting Through Patterning Guided Exercise
  • Manifesting Through Patterning (Downloadable Audio Exercise) File

Session Six: Attitudes and Motivation

  • Adopting the Right Attitude
  • Introduction to the Exercises
  • Renew Through H-Plus (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Mobius West Prep (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Mobius West H-Plus Exercise (Downloadable Audio File)
  • Thank You and Farewell